Why Is Window Tinting Regulated?

Most travelers feel a sense of security, even privacy, when riding in a car with tinted windows, although this sense of security is not always transferred. Dark-tinted front windows can make it difficult for law enforcement to identify hit-and-run drivers, or to establish eye contact with suspects during traffic stops. They make it more dangerous for police, and easier for suspects to conceal weapons behind the tinted windows. Police in some areas of the country carry portable “tintmeters” to check windows that might be darker than the law allows.

Before the application of tint to your windows, you should check your states laws on window tinting.
Most states have specific regulations on tinted windows, calling out maximum percentages for visible light transmission and reflectivity. Sunshine states tend to have rules that are more tolerant of deep-tinted windows-and even allow some measure of driver’s side window tinting-though there are exceptions to this rule. The regulations vary drastically by state, so check with your local installer for more information.

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Window Tinting 101

As of today, there are three methods of achieving a professionally tinted window:

OEM Tinted Glass

OEM tinted glass needs no further tinting. During the production of OEM, glassmakers blend the tinting materials into the actual glass. This means that the tint requires no maintenance and will last for the entire life of the glass. OEM tinted glass usually has only a mild tint so that it will be considered legal even in the strict areas. OEM tinted glass can be an excellent option however replacement of the glass may in fact be more expensive in the event of a collision.

Film Tinting

Film tinting, by far the most popular aftermarket method, is obtained by applying a thin tinted polymer film to a specially prepared window glass. Films offer complete personalization as it varies in available shades of tint and outward appearances, such as flat, reflective, metallic, or mirrored. Film tinting is fairly inexpensive and come with many benefits. There are many DIY kits that claim to provide an “easy, stick-on installation”, yet these solutions commonly end up with unsightly bubbles and need to be removed by a professional.

Coating Tinting

Coating tinting applies a special tinting solution to an existing piece of glass, usually through a spray. Coating tinting lasts much longer than film tinting however it does require that the window glass is fully removed from the car in order to be done properly.

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