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Window Tinting Removal Services

Window Tinting Removal: Remove Unwanted Tint

We are your trusted window tint removal shop in Cary, NC

Most often it is preferred to apply tint, sadly, there are those times when it needs to come off.  North Carolina State law allows up to 32% light transmittance. So put another way car glass is allowed to block up to 68% of the light coming into the car.  This is enforced at each annual car inspection with a digital light meter.  If your windows don’t comply you will fail the inspection until you remedy the film by removing it completely or removing it and replacing it with a legal shade.

In other cases you may have purchased a car with window tinting that doesn’t look good. Possibly the color is faded of the rear window is bubbled or the film has become difficult to look through, whatever the reason we can remove that film completely or it can be replaced with a new higher quality film and installation.

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We are happy to meter your window for you if you’re curious what level is on the car presently or before going for an inspection. This will avoid you having to go back to the inspection shop for a second time. We don’t charge to meter the windows, it only takes about 2 minutes of time.