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Tesla Paint Protection Film

Top Edge offers Tesla Paint Protection Film (PPF) with Xpel Ultimate Plus in North Carolina serving Cary, Apex, Holly Springs, Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Fuquay-Varina, Wake Forest, Durham, and beyond.


Buying a new car is exciting, however, that first chip and scratch can take that excitement away quickly. An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of repainting, time and money. Available in high-gloss and virtually invisible film or in matte finish. Both providing the ultimate defense against road rash: rocks and pebbles, road debris, road salt and sand and protection where you need it most.

Top Edge carries XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS and STEALTH Paint Protection. Having these two choices of paint protection gives our customers a unique selection. XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS does not visually change the appearance of the car and gives the protection you need, while STEALTH comes with at matte finish to give one’s car not only protection, but a whole new look! STEALTH is typically applied to the majority or the whole vehicle to transform the gloss finish of the OEM paint to a matte finish.

Packages & Coverage Areas

Typical packages are full front ends, but the whole entire car can be covered as well. The full kit covers the whole hood, full fenders, the bumper, mirrors, and the cargo strip on the trunk ledge. Many Tesla owners cover the full front end, since that is the area that takes the most beating when on the road.


Tesla Paint Protection Film (PPF) with Xpel Ultimate Plus

Peace of mind! Simply put, automotive paint protection film preserves the quality of your cars paint by reducing the risk of multiple kinds of damage. When applied to the painted surfaces of your vehicle, PPF acts as a clear and unnoticeable protective layer.

For the everyday commuter a clear bra installed on the front end will protect against highway sand blasting and more. For high use areas such as tailgates it protects against scratches from loading and unloading packages. Meanwhile some car owners, prefer to cover the entire car. Protecting and preserving their investment from UV rays, environmental elements, scratches and more.

Benefits of Paint Protecting your Tesla

  • Scratch, paint chip & stain resistance
  • High-gloss or matte finish
  • Self-healing properties. Light surface scratches will disappear when the film is heated from the sun or a heat gun.
  • Protect factory paint from Oxidation (fading) from UV exposure
  • Virtually invisible
  • Helps resale value
  • Can be safely removed
  • Doesn’t peel, crack or fade
  • Can protect against minor bumper to bumper contacts
  • Keeps your car looking new, even years down the road
Tesla Paint Protection Film (PPF) with Xpel Ultimate Plus
Xpel Ultimate Plus and Car Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Why Do We Use XPEL Ultimate Plus

Over the years we’ve tested many different films and believe XPEL to be superior.  XPEL is the leading paint protection film manufacture, with the best impact protection for durability.  Being one of Raleigh’s premiere paint protection film installers it is a given that we only use, XPEL Ultimate Plus.

Paint protection film, often referred to as PPF or Clear Bra, is a transparent urethane film constructed from a combination of advanced elastomeric polymers that comes in high-gloss or matte finish.  This level of quality and protection comes without compromise. The mirror smooth finish of XPEL Ultimate ensures that no unwanted texture, commonly referred to as “orange-peel,” is added to the appearance of your car, leaving the protected surface indistinguishable from the factory paint. 


Film longevity will depend on numerous factors. For example, if the installed vehicle is rarely driven and kept in a garage, the film will last much longer than a daily-driven car exposed to harsh elements on a regular basis. However, regardless of how you use your protected vehicle, you can expect many years of performance.

The Process

Your paint protection kit is designed specifically for your vehicle from the Design Access Program (DAP) software system, exclusively from XPEL. The DAP system contains laser cut patterns for your specific year, make, and model vehicle. This means NO CUTTING on the car.  

A second method is to use a bulk piece of film and hand cutting it for customized coverage. 

A perfect installation can be achieved by either method.

Tesla Paint Protection Film (PPF) with Xpel Ultimate Plus
Tesla Paint Protection Film (PPF) with Xpel Ultimate Plus

Surface preparation is essential prior the installation. A clean contaminant free surface is necessary for proper adhesion and a flawless looking finished product. After perfectly preparing the coverage area, soapy water is sprayed enabling the film to be maneuvered into position.

Next the film is stretched to conform to the shape of the surface with which it’s being applied. During the stretching process the installer will begin to squeegee the film to remove any excess water and bubbles.  The final steps are wrapping all possible edges and sealing them, creating an invisible appearance.

Estimated time required for the most popular packages.

  • Full front end. 1 day with 1 overnight stay.
  • Full car. 3 days with 3 nights.
  • Front bumper 1/2 day with one evening.
Tesla Paint Protection Film (PPF) with Xpel Ultimate Plus

Secure your Tesla’s shine! Contact Top Edge today for premium Tesla Paint Protection Film (PPF) featuring Xpel Ultimate Plus. Serving Cary, Apex, Holly Springs, Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Fuquay-Varina, Wake Forest, Durham, and beyond. Preserve your Tesla’s beauty with the ultimate protection!

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