Fred G. Bond Metropolitan Park: The Biggest Trail Park in Cary, NC

If you’re looking for a fun and engaging recreational park that’s perfect for the whole family, you must visit the Fred G. Bond Metropolitan Park in Cary, North Carolina.

And if you love nature, this massive trail park offers many great things for everyone to enjoy in the outdoors.

Things To Do in Fred G. Bond Metro Park

The Fred G. Bond Metro Park is a stunningly beautiful and wondrous park with amazing sights and activities. The area runs a 310-acre recreational space with an enormous lake, a 4.2-mile trail, four athletic fields, and a playground for the kids. Of course, you will be surrounded by a completely natural setting with lots of trees, a few harmless animals, and relaxing fresh air.

There are lots to do here with something for everyone. Here are some of the renowned features and amenities you can experience at the metro park.

Bond Lake

You and your family or friends can enjoy water activities on the lake, such as riding paddleboats, fishing, sunfish sailing, or simply hang around the boathouse or at the chairs laid fronting the lake. Just imagine that majestic view while being calmed by the subtle sound of the water, even the tiny movement of the ducks floating around.

Lake Trail

There’s a long trail around the lake that gives a fantastic view of other parts of the park.

The trail park itself is quite impressive, with paths that are pretty easy to navigate. The trail system is mostly composed of different wooded areas that provide plenty of shade and sun protection.

 This is the best place to visit in the area if you want to spend an early morning or late afternoon walking, running, biking activities. A part of the trail is paved to offer comfort for all types of outdoor enthusiasts.

Play Fields

There are four large fields in the park. You can play baseball or softball games in one of the areas, while the others have challenge courses, greenways, and extra spaces to run around or play whatever you want to play with your family and pets.


You can watch different kinds of performances in the amphitheater, depending on what’s been scheduled for each day.


There are also lots of areas in the park that gives you the chance to see some wildlife. For example, a few bird species frequent the place like Carolina Dove, the Bald Eagle, the Mute Swan, the Black Skimmer, and the Great Blue Heron.

Park Shelters and Picnic Areas

Throughout your activities, you can share family picnics on the shelters and tables around the park, which is quite numerous to accommodate most visitors. 

Come and Experience The Adventure!

The activities offered in Fred G. Bond Metropolitan Park are aimed to bring fun, excitement, and satisfaction to the whole family. This is yet another one of Cary’s prize parks that is well-run, clean, and safe. The little ones will not be left out and can have fun in the themed play areas. Enjoy tons of laughter, relaxation, and ultimate joy to accompany you throughout your experience. 

While in Cary, NC, visit this recreational park that is definitely an ideal place for family and friends!