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Car Window Tinting
Reduce Heat & Glare

Car Window Tinting

The sun’s UV rays are hard on you, passengers and your car’s interior. All of our films block 99% of the sun’s UV rays. This helps prevent skin cancer and your interior will look newer longer. Additionally it helps hold together shattered glass, better protecting you and your loved ones from flying glass injuries in the unfortunate event of an accident.

Why Commercial Tinting?

Commercial Tinting

Put Simply, Commercial / residential is necessary for peace of mind. It helps save energy and has a 99% UV Reduction and Glare Reduction. Your windows will be Anti-Graffiti and have an added layer of Security & Protection.

Window Tinting Removal Service
Remove Unwanted Tint

Window Tinting Removal Service

Most often it is preferred to apply tint, sadly, there are those times when it needs to come off. North Carolina State law allows up to 32% light transmittance. So put another way car glass is allowed to block up to 68% of the light coming into the car. This is enforced at each annual car inspection with a digital light meter.

Legal Car Tinting Services

Tesla Window Tinting in NC

We have done many Tesla window tints, making us acutely familiar with specific nuances to these cars. We are able to film the entire Model 3 rear window in one seamless piece. All Tesla doors that have frameless glass the film will come exactly to the edge creating a factory look.